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Perella Weinberg Is A Go

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Joseph Perella’s boutique investment bank went live early this morning, issuing a press release officially announcing the formation of Perella Weinberg Partners.
For weeks prior to today's official launch, the exact name of the new firm and the timing of its launch remained secret. Yesterday DealBreaker speculated that the name might be "Perella Weinberg" after we discovered that the internet domain name had been anonymously reserved. DealBook, following the same internet-sleuthing trail, later confirmed the name with a source within the firm.
Oddly, however, this might all have been a matter of luck. It wasn't hard to figure out that the firm might have the name of it's founder in its letterhead, and Peter Weinberg, who headed Goldman Sachs European operations, is biggest name among the other bankers Perella recruited. So it wasn't a stretch to get to "Perella Weinberg." The reserved domain name seemed to be a piece of evidence confirming this logic.
Only it wasn't. The new firm is using the website PWPartners.Com. So all that excitement about the reservation of "" seems to have been misplaced. As it turns out, we got it right (more or less, since DealBreaker missed the "Partners" tag) but just based on a happy coincidence. Well, you know what they say. If you can't be smart, at least be lucky.


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