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Planespotting: Morgan Stanley Butters Up Their Interns

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Which is to say, they rub Land O' Lakes all over their bodies in a way most (small-minded) HR deparments would likely frown upon. OR, if you're not down for that kind of thing, "butters [them] up" in the proverbial sense, which is to say they fly their 19-21 year old minions to work on their private plane. On May 31, MS's Gulfstream V flew from Ohio State University to New York, presumably carrying 20+ over eager underlings to begin their summer of hard labor. Goldman Sachs' interns are reportedly livid, as all they've been treated to are "crappy" tee-shirts that say "I interned at Goldman Sachs and all I got was this lousy shirt"; Lehman Brothers' peons are (rumored to be) equally as angry, because according to one whose name cannot be revealed, "LB promised me the world and all I got was this unwanted pregnancy."

Planespotting: Business (In The District) and Pleasure (On The Plane, En Route To The Islands)
The Google plane has been keeping a low profile, but that doesn't stop us from speculating as to where it's taken its owners-- Sergey Brin and Larry Page-- of late. Whether or not you've been keeping up with your DealBreaker posts (naughty boy!), you probably know that Big S recently spent some time in the nation's capital but, alas, not for pleasure. Though Sergey-boy is reportedly a "huge fan" of Washington Monument and has a "major thing" for the Vietnam War Memorial, the billionaire was busy hitting on Senators (something about "net neutrality," we think, but who's to say, 'cause we really weren't listening), whilst the 'ators were busy fending off his advances and letting the telco lobbyists buy their drinks. Meanwhile, co-founder and playboy Larry Page (most likely?) took the company car to Maui, Honolulu or O'ahu and had his hands, umm, full, doing something like this, on the way.