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Planespotting: NYSE Tours With Dixie Chicks, Kenny Chesney and Friends

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Between June 17 and 19, the NYSE’s Gulfstream IV flew from Brunswick, GA to Memphis, TN, to Austin, TX. For what, pray tell? We really have no idea but how about this: 'SE's annual summer concert series, which kicked off this month? If that's the case, then we'll continue this random* speculation by saying that NYSE President and COO, Catherine R. Kinney, is (probably) Garth Brooks’s “biggest fan,” while CEO John A. Thain has to have mentioned that he “just loves that Shania Twain, 'cause it rhymes with Thain" on the trading floor, at least once or twice. In exchange for backstage passes to his show, we're betting that Kenny Chesney will be ringing the bell, sometime in late July, early August, max.
*but entirely plausible

Planespotting: Pritzker Takes Our Advice, Is Better, Less Tool-y Man For It
About a week ago—maybe longer, hard to say, our memories are really starting to go—we reported that Matthew Pritzker had traveled to Boca Raton; Brunswick, Georgia; Atlanta, Georgia; Savannah, Georgia; and White Plains, New York. We postulated that the richest kid in the world was acting like something of a tool, as indicated by his painfully dull, pretty hum drum destinations, and offered that, "Next time we stalk your whereabouts, there'd better be some evidence that you're spending your $500 million unwisely—and that's an order,” providing suggestions* such as 1. Hiding the evidence that he was ever in a hotel room with a dead hooker in Madrid and 2. Chilling in Nambia and adopting a child with Angelina Jolie. Though he did neither, Pritzker's most recent jaunts seem to imply** take note of our suggestion and took his Gulfstream IV to Edinburgh and Vegas, on June 13 and 18, respectively, less than 24 hours after we sent our message through the blogosphere that he should do so. On the Emerald Isle, we're hoping he got hammered/found himself in a compromising position with “The Men in Green,” Ireland’s national men’s rugby team; and in Vegas, we're keeping our fingers crossed-- which always works-- that he took in a Céline Dion show at Caesar’s Palace and got the singer pregnant with her second child. Refuse to marry her/skip out on the child support and you will have made a complete 180 in our (ever so proud) eyes, Matthew-dearest.
*by which we mean we posted them on our site; but it's not like the kid doesn't have a computer/couldn't be a huge fan of that which is Le DealBreaker, you know?
**and by "imply" we mean we're doing that thing where we manipulate statistics to make a point, whether or not it's actually "true"