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Prosecutors: Send Black Back to Jail

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Federal prosecutors are seeking to revoke or modify the $20 million bail bond of Conrad Black, the former Hollinger International Inc. chairman who is accused of looting the company he founded and built into one of the largest English language newspaper companies in the world.
Black pledged a Palm Beach, Florida home for the bail bond. Prosecutors now say he overstated the property, understated a Canadian tax lien on it, had defaulted on a mortgage on the property and didn’t reveal that his wife was part owner. Black, along with others at Hollinger, face charges of stripping $92 million from Hollinger International. He was forced to step down from his position with Hollinger International after the alleged misdeeds came to light.
Lots of newspapers have the story. But we’re linking to the Chicago Sun-Times, one of the papers Black once owned. And not just because it seems mean.

Prosecutors seek bail revocation of Black
[Chicago Sun-Times]