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Rich Man May Have Given Gifts to Pretty Woman

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Andrea Schwartz, a thirty-one year old woman accused of running a prostitution ring, denies the prostitution charges by claims that she was showered with gifts and money by wealthy and powerful men, including Time Warner Chief Financial Officer Wayne Pace, according to the Daily News.
Pace’s lawyer tells the News that his client knew Schwartz as a real-estate agent but denies that there was any “inappropriate relationship” between Pace and Schwartz.
It’s probably important here to keep clear exactly what Schwartz is claiming. She’s not claiming that Pace patronized prostitutes who worked for her or solicited sex from her. In fact, she denies being a prostitute herself (although an earlier Daily News story quoted her as admitting she was in the "prostitution business" and had sold drugs). She’s just claiming that Schwartz gave her some gifts. Speculation about whether or not Pace used company funds to pay for sex, which we heard on SquawkBox this morning, is getting a little ahead of the facts.
Looker says I'm no hooker! [Daily News]