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Separated at Birth: Jamie Dimon and Steffi Graf?

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Via Gawker, we found the blissfully delightful time-waster/productivity-killer that is the facial recognition site. The technology's a little screwy, but we have to admit, the resemblance between JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon and erstwhile tennis star Steffi Graf is uncanny:

After the jump: John Mack, Rob Kindler, Eddie Lampert, Warren Buffett and our Jim Cramer Bobblehead Doll.

Apparently, John Mack is a combination of Ariel Sharon... (we're not seeing it)

Dean Martin (maybe?) Yitzhak Rabin (no) Joe Hisaishi (uh?) and P Diddy (...) We were thinking more "Robert Barone", but okay.
But some of the comparisons make sense in ways that are not necessarily physical. Morgan Stanley's Rob Kindler, for example, is apparently a cross between Oscar Wilde... And Matthew McConaughey. It may not be true, but it's probably appropriate. By the same token, Eddie Lampert resembles a wee little elf... We anticipated Warren Buffett bearing a strong resemblance to Satan, and got Bob Geldof instead. Well, close enough.

And finally, our Jim Cramer bobblehead doll looks like Megumi Hiyashibara. We can't say we're surprised.