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Showing Us The Money

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Goldman reported its second quarter financial results today. Net revenues were $10.10 billion, and net income came in at $2.31 billion, or $4.78 a share.
The Fixed Income, Currency and Commodities raked in net revenues of $4.32 billion, a record for Goldman. Equities brought in net revenues of $2.35 billion. This means the trading side of Goldman brought in around 66% of its total revenues.
Our early morning IM with a source at Goldman after the jump.

DealBreakerJohn: Dude, did you see Kernen jump?
AnonymousGS: Hahahahaha. I love when they start trying to read off the prompter three seconds after the 8-K hits EDGAR.
DealBreakerJohn: Eh. I can’t make fun of them for instant reactions anymore cuz that’s my job too now.
AnonymousGS: Good luck with that.
DealBreakerJohn: Can we talk about the report for a minute. Looks like two-thirds of the revenue is from the traders. Those guys own you I-Bankers.
AnonymousGS: Look. That’s why we get one president and they a president plus a CEO. Two-to-one ratio. Leadership matches revenues.
DealBreakerJohn: Capitalism. Everyone gets the corporate government they deserve.

Goldman Press Release