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So this Stripper and a Banker get on a plane

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New York's most famous stripper/blogger/yoga teacher has gone back to Mud Island for a spell. Retiring from stripping has not, however, improved her view of financial professionals.

So I had to sit next to an Investment Banker for the entire seven hour flight. It was like being back in the strip club - you know, inane conversation, stupid questions, the token comment 'you're so intriguing'** Except this time...I wasn't getting paid. Plus at the end of the night I didn't get to run home to the Lower East Side, I instead woke up to a warmish gray morning in London.

We hope Mr. Investment Banker has a blog somewhere. We can imagine the entry.

So I had to sit next to a Stripper for the entire seven hour flight. It was like being in a strip club - you know, fake flirting concealing bitter hatred of men, no sense of what real people do for a living, the weird assumption that she is somehow better than the rest of the girls in her, uhm, field. Except this time...she didn't take off her clothes. At least at the end of it she wasn't asking for marching powder and a ride downtown.

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