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Stagflation? Inquiring Searchers Want to Know

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Are we headed into stagflation? While most of the business media seem skeptical to apathetic about the question, the term is certainly haunting the minds of people using Google search.
Take a look at the Google Trends charts for stagflation after the jump.

One third of the way through April, searches for stagflation take off like a rocket ship. Now this has happened before, as the chart below shows, but generally this hike in searches was matched by a hike in news items. Most likely this indicates that some events, such as Greenspan specifically mentioning stagflation in an April 2005.
This time, however, the renewed searching for stagflation doesn’t seem closely correlated with a blip in stories hitting Google News. The news references stay flat while the searches explode.
We may not be headed toward stagflation but its certainly on a lot of people’s minds.