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The End of the Fed?

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Over at Investment U, Mark Skousen interviews "investment biker" Jim Rogers who predicts a long bull market in commodities and, well, the collapse of the Fed altogether.

Mark Skousen: The Fed, as we know, is determined to raise rates. Do you look at Fed policy? Is it important?
Jim Rogers: A little bit. The Fed is overrated as far as I’m concerned. We’ve had two central banks in America that have failed. This one will fail, too, and Bernanke will probably be its death knell. Between Greenspan and Bernanke, I’m sure the Fed is coming to an end. It’s going to fail.

We bring this to your attention not in small part because yesterday DealBreaker founder and editor-in-chief Elizabeth Spiers issued a directive that we try harder to bring down the political and economic system of western civilization.
Jim Rogers On Emerging Markets [Investment U]