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The Mysteries of Alan Greenspan, Part II

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"Greenspan: Pricey oil no big deal, yet"--CNN Money.
"Greenspan: Energy Costs May Stunt Economy"--ABC News.
Now that's what we're talking about! Mysterious mutterings leading to completely opposite interpretations. It's like having the Delphic Oracle testify in front of Congress. So. Best.
Our favorite Greenspan story* has him writing his yearly predictions about the world economy in a guest book at a friend's house. He would then fold the page over and leave instructions for it not to be revealed until his visit the following year, at which point he would unfold the page and test his accuracy. He was, of course, always exactly right. One year the owner of the house got a little too curious and decided to overturn the page early. He discovered a blank page. When confronted, Greenspan admitted he had been folding over a blank page and filling it in post-hoc on his next visit.
*We have no idea where we heard this, much less whether it is true.