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The Orthodox Apprentice Kid Answers DealBreaker's Important Questions

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Steven Weiss interviews fired Orthodox Jewish Apprentice candidate Lee Bienstock on his Canonist blog. Weiss asked us to supply a couple of questions. Of course we asked about the things that really matter.

I asked some people on IM for some questions to ask you, some of them came from John Carney of the DealBreaker blog — by the way, do you read any business blogs, or other blogs?

“I started reading a couple of blogs for the show, that were talking about the show.”
Do you read DealBreaker?
“The book?”
No, it’s a business blog. Anyway, one of his questions is, do you think the show would have gone differently if there hadn’t been a popular vote?

“I don’t really think the popular vote played into it at all.”
“I think they made a big deal of my age at the end…made it out as though I have no experience, and I have a ton of experience…how could you cast someone who can’t win the show? The popular vote…I think if the popular vote was different, yeah, it could’ve gone the other way.”
He wants to know if you’ve seen anybody wearing ‘Vote for Lee’ t-shirts.
“Yeah, I’ve seen ‘Vote for Lee’ t-shirts…there were tons of signs in the audience last night and people wearing t-shirts everywhere.”
“People out there, they’re making a lot of other ‘Vote for Lee’ paraphernalia…a lot of people are selling a bunch of merchandise…people keep telling me that they’re making a lot of money off of me.”
Are you upset that they’re cashing in on you without including you in the cut?
“No, they’re being very supportive of me.”

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