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Weinberg Perella=Not the Name of Joe Perella's New Venture

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We're hearing lots of rumors that Joseph Perella's new boutique investment bank will officially launch very soon. This morning on CNBC's Squawk Box Charlie Gasparino reported that he had learned that the firm will announce its opening with a major deal sometime this week. The name of the bank is still unknown. Some have speculated that it will be named for Perella himself, perhaps with the name of former Goldman Sachs International CEO Peter Weinberg also attached.
We decided to do some checking in the Delaware Secretary of State's records to see if any partnerships or corporations had been registered under Perella's name but came up dry. A search of internet domain names, however, revealed that Perella-Weinberg is taken. This doesn't really tell us much. It could be the name of the new firm. Or it could belong to someone unlrelated to the new firm, since speculators sometimes buy domain names following news reports hoping to sell them to the businesses that actually intend to use them.
More informative is the negative search, the search for what is actually available. If Perella was launching his bank this week, its a pretty good bet the firm would have already reserved the domain name. So after we discovered WeinbergPerella.Com was available, we're pretty comfortable that the name of the new firm will not be Weinberg Perella & Co. (or something similiar).
Update: Gasparino's report is now on SquakBlog.
Perella's Firm: An Update [SquawkBlog]


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