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Write-Offs: 06.16.06

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$$$Tree Hugging Bank o' America will surely love this windmill-powered cell phone charger...crazy hippies and their mobile phones. [Tech Blog]
$$$Calling all Michael Douglas wannabees: parlay your banking know-how (or lack thereof) into a career on the silver screen. [Craigslist]
$$$Finally, something to do during those insufferable Goldman Sachs conference calls. [Costa Rica In-focus]
$$$Wait-- doesn't everyone go to Bazzini's for lunch? (Also, why would you go anywhere for wings but Hooters?) [Schaeffer's Daily Market Blog]
$$$Random musings on Bank of America:
"BofA is entirely constituted of retarded troglodytes, masquerading as humans."
"I hope the security people in BOA burn in hell.... slowly and painfully."
"I work at this company, and its more fucked up than any one of these horror posts describe." [Jay Allen's Daily Journey]