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Write-Offs: 06.20.06

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$$$ Ladies: Former Model, Now Wall St. Trader Makes Your Dreams Come True
$$$ Gentlemen: Bankers/Ad Execs, Get a Date Tonight...she's looking for "single only" but anyone looking for a banker et al is probably aware that there's a certain flexibility to that, no? [Craigslist]
$$$A Day In The Life Of A Banker-- Sure to be a page turner [Eternal Ramblings of a Spotless Mind]
$$$ Fake Name/Identity Generator: Ken Lay's-- sorry, William C. Martinez's-- new favorite tool. Good for those ever-proliferating offshore accounts. [Fake Name Generator]
$$$Tips 4 Interns:
#1 DO NOT START A BLOG [Business Week]
(Mad Money Intern: (Oops!)