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Write-Offs: 06.23.06

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$$$ On the lucrative nature of dating sites. We mean, really, did you honestly think Jdate was just doing it for the good of mankind? []
$$$ You just can't make this stuff up: Dell Laptop Explodes at Japanese Conference [Engadget]
$$$"The anonymous bullshittings of an alcoholic, pessimistic, asshole, Korean-American-Roman-Catholic-Elmhurst-Bayside-New York, NY brother-sister duo trapped in corporate servitude with humble aspirations of taking over the world" Part I: Interview at Goldman Sachs [CEO of the World]
$$$Actors Wanted, For Unpaid Acting Jobs; sounds like a raw deal, until you hear the amazing roles up for grabs:
1. Drew - mid-twenties, good looking. Drew is the ring leader, but also a geek. Drew went off with Brandon to Penn. They were both students at Wharton, but Drew got bored and flunked out. He is now working at Starbucks and going to school at a local state university.
2. Brandon – mid twenties, tall and thin. Although Brandon is smart, he always feels over shadowed by Drew’s genius. Brandon is more of the philosopher. He puts in hard work, but always finds a way to cheat the system. Brandon works as an investment banker and has pretty much lived up to his potential and is basically the only one of the group that has not “disappointed” anyone.
(It's almost like we're boring a hole into the deepest, darkest crevice of your soul, isn't it?) [Craigslist]