Write-Offs: 6.21.06

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$$$ Want to get on the quicker path to financial security? Take this guy's advice and invest in a flask. [Neville’s Financial Blog]
$$$ Japan to U.S. Exporters: Where’s the beef? No—not the proverbial beef. They actually want to know where it is. [NYTimes]
$$$ Did you know that Howard Stern was more powerful than Paul McCartney? Really, I didn't [Forbes]
$$$ And, while you’re waiting to see if Facebook’s bubbly valuation banks the $2 billion dollars it wants, here’s their Idiot’s Guide. [FacebookProfile]


Write-Offs: 05.03.12

$$$ Got half an hour? Watch Facebook's retail roadshow [Facebook] $$$ Wall Street doesn't know how to value private equity firms [Fortune / Dan Primack] $$$ Documents allege HSBC money-laundering lapses [Reuters] $$$ UBS investors protest against pay plan [FT] $$$ Osama bin Laden's views on investing jihad money [FTAV] $$$ Pimco is looking for a digital marketing specialist in New York [DBCC] $$$ Wall Street Wants More From the JOBS Act [DealBook] $$$ Bank of America to Sell Hearst Tower for $250 Million [Bloomberg] $$$ Krugman Wishes He Were Wrong Amid EU Austerity Backlash [Bloomberg] $$$ The Secret of Ben Bernanke's Beard [Atlantic] $$$ This has no conceivable financial hook, but [The Awl] $$$ Lost Pet Parakeet Found Its Way Home By Telling the Police Its Home Address [Gizmodo]