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You wake up at O'Hare. You wake up at LaGuardia. You wake up at Logan.

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Jose Paul Martin lists the top ten symptoms of "Global Private Equity Syndrome":

1. Prematurely grey hair
2. Inability to remember city or country in which one is awakening
3. Persistent daze / jet lag / hoarse throat
4. Equating sleep on an airplane with real sleep
5. Inabilities to remember (or be present at) birthdays, anniversaries, or school conferences
6. Contact with new friends concerned about holding charitable dinners in your honour or naming school buildings for you
7. Frequent musings about the fairness of pre-nuptial agreements
8. Doubling of golf handicap every 6 months
9. Ability to schedule annual physical only every five years
10. Frequent spousal / child discussions about the value of sound estate planning

We'd add to the list a vocabulary loaded down with frequent references to "stategics," "incentivizing," "hurdle rates," and "piggy-backs."

Global Private Equity Syndrome