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A New Kind of Business Travel

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We swear when we started reading this article we thought taxistutes were some kind of tax substitutes.

Picture this situation: NYC business man, stuck in an NYC cab in the middle of NYC. There is no way he will make it to that meeting downtown with Skadden Arps, where his boss is waiting for him, judging him, and mentally trimming his bonus by the second. His Thomas Pink shirt feels like a $200 noose and his $ sign cuff-links look more like hand-cuffs. Stressed, lonely, rich and surrounded by ethnic people listenting to bad music - what this man needs is a good hooker. But he’s stuck in traffic, in a cab! What can he do? Where can he go? If only someone could provide him the service he needs then he could just nut right there in the back seat and feel like a man again. Enter the Taxistute.
Taxistutes would drive around soliciting “rides” for targets who would be screened to have high conversion rates to whoring services (men with money, men without money, men with pulses, Charlie Sheen), then, mid-transit they would proposition the customer.

Disruptive Businesses: Taxistutes [Long or Short Capital]
Update: This reminds us of an event that occurred on our way home from a party in Williamsburg last night. [More on that after the jump.]

Which reminds us of an event that occurred on our way home from a party in Williamsburg last night. (See, we do go to the outer-boroughs!) Our cab driver pointed out the window at what we immediately recognized as a street walking prostitute. He had picked her and her customer up last night and driven them to a hotel. Apparently she was extremely, uhm, stinky. He guessed she hadn’t showered for weeks.
“So I was wondering, why would a man want to get with that?” our cabbie asked. “She smelled like garbage. Here’s my theory. He used to work in a soap factory. Now he cannot stand the smell of soap. It reminds him of his boss breathing down his neck. When he wants to get it on, he wants to get it on with someone who hasn’t been near soap in forever”
In the end, we are all driven to self-destructive perversities by our work.