ABC/Disney: Eisner's Grand Strategy Revealed!


On most days, we get a little thrill out of shooting spitballs at erstwhile Chief Mouseketeer, Michael Eisner. And today is no exception. This time we didn't even have to work for it. He just gave it up to the New York Post, without so much as a flicker of demure hesitancy. In a piece about Herb Allen's annual Sun Valley retreat, Eisner insists that Disney's 1995 acquisition wouldn't have possibly happened without the conference because it gave him the opportunity to run into Warren Buffett on the golf course.

As Michael Eisner recalls it, he "arranged" to bump into Warren Buffett - at the time ABC's majority shareholder - and ABC head Tom Murphy. "I was walking behind my condo; they were going to the golf course," recalled Eisner yesterday in an exclusive interview with The Post over lunch at the Sun Valley Lodge.

We can just imagine Eisner's careful orchestration:

The takeaway, as they say in CorporateSpeak: If you want to do a major M&A deal, you must casually arrange to bump into the largest shareholder at a fancy mogul conference that only occurs once a year. Because calling and setting up a meeting to discuss would be too obvious.
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