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Abridged Moves

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Reuters’ rundown of the London financial sector's revolving door is up (and updated). It’s too long, so here’s the “itty-bitty” version of the highlights from Reuters "MOVES" column. Note the two prominent defections from Goldman, which has re-ignited speculation that the recent decisions on how to structure the firm’s leadership after the departure of Hank Paulson were more divisive than has been reported.
Jacques Cailloux (economist)=Morgan Stanley Royal Bank of Scotland.
Alan Greenough (lawyer)=White and Case Lovells
Terence Moll (quant strategist)=Metis Capital Management Investec Asset Management
Randy Sessions (i-banker)=Goldman Sachs Morgan Stanley
Adam MacDonald (asset-backed securities)=UBSBank of America
Paul Wilde (asset-backed securities)=Egg Bank Bank of America
Barry Hunter (another abs guy)=Amethyst Corporate Finance Bank of America
Ghassan Abdul Karim (investment banking, Middle East)=Goldman Sachs JP Morgan
Zahed Chowdhury (research)=HSBCDeutsche Bank

MOVES-RBS, Lovells, Investec, Grant Thornton, others