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Another Jeffrey Epstein Victim? Naughty Nadia May Be A Victim of International Sex Slave Trade

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Our earlier post on Nadia Marcinkova was written on the assumption that unlike the young girls Jeffrey Epstein is alleged to have paid to strip and massaged him while he pawed at them and masturbated into a towel, the eastern european blonde was a different kind of participant. Older, more sophisticated, at least a little lezzy and wearing stap-on dildos. That sort of thing. Just the sort of woman you’d imagine an evil villain would keep as his mistress.
As it turns out, that sort of woman probably only exists in fiction. Gawker is now reporting that according to a previously unpublished Palm Beach police document, Epstein bragged that he purchased Nadia from her family in Yugoslavia, and that she was his sex slave. So she may be another victim of Epstein’s alleged sex-and girls-for-money racket.
The weird thing is that Nadia seems to have at least once held a job at Douglas Elliman. Did Epstein set up his alleged sex slave as a real estate agent? Isn’t being a sex slave at least a full time job?
[Oh. And yeah. Alleged. Alleged. Allegedallegedallegedallegedtoinfinity. Epstein hasn't been found guilty of anything and it's up to the government to prove its case against him.]
Exclusive: Jeffrey Epstein's Sex Slave [Gawker]