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Another Red Diaper Baby Hedge Fund

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Kenneth Jeyaretnam, another child of socialism forging ahead in the world of global capitalism, is launching his own $500 million hedge fund. Kenneth is the son of Joshua B Jeyaretnam (pictured left), the leader of Singapore's socialist opposition.
Clearly, one blessing of age of finance is that it gives brilliant people with piercing intellects something to do besides go into politics. In the early parts of the twentieth century, many intellectuals—particularly those with abilities in math and physics—were attracted to leftist politics when they sought to apply their mental talents to the broader world. They thought they understood better ways of organizing human societies and leftist politics were very open to schemes of world improvement.
These days smart young men with ideas about how to do things better start hedge funds, tech companies or go to work for investment banks. Lets hope this works out better than the brainy projects of their parents.
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