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Aquaman Blunder Update

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Just to be clear, the blunder was not made by Joe Kernen. It was made by the news organizations and blogs that reported Joe Kernen had seriously mistaken Aquaman--a non-existent movie featured on HBO's "Entourage" series--for a real movie when he mentioned on Monday morning that Disney's pirate movie had set a new record at the box office.
Kernen said that the pirate movie had made more money than Spiderman and Aquaman. Since Kernen had earlier mentioned "Entourage," it was clear he was joking to most observers. But not, however, several bloggers and newspaper hacks who reported Kernen's remarks as an embarrassing mistake.
TVNewser set the record straight, and linked to this SquawkBox clip which makes it all too clear that Kernen was in on the joke. This morning the SquawkBoxers invited TVNewser himself to discuss the Aquaman flap. But apparently they still hate TVNewser since they put him on at 6:50 in the morning.
Okay. Enough defending SquawkBox. It makes us feel icky. Back to making fun of them.