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Atlantic City’s Casinos Still Shuttered

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Exactly how long does the state of New Jersey expect that we will wait for the right to throw away our money gambling in Atlantic City? Roulette or revolution now!
Why are those casinos shut down in the first place? It’s something to do with taxes. Someone wants to raise them. Someone else thinks they’re high enough already, thank you.
Oh, right. It’s because the casino inspectors are government employees, and without a tax hike the government cannot afford to pay them. Except that, according to this Motley Fool article, the government doesn’t pay them. The casinos do.

But now, Atlantic City's critical gaming industry has been temporarily crippled by a government that lacks the funds to pay employees like casino inspectors -- which is comedically ironic, since the casinos themselves pay these workers' salaries in the first place.
Let me get this straight: New Jersey is a few billion short of making ends meet, so the state must furlough casino regulators (who are on the casinos' payrolls), thereby pulling the plug on the one industry that it depends on most. That makes sense.

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