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Barron's Bashing by Bloggers

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We've got quite a few comments from people who want us to write about the most recent issue of Barron's, which touts "10 cheap stocks" and a generally bullish tone. Unfortunately, today we're feeling all fair and not at all bubbling over with the anger and bile that makes this sort of thing fun. So we'll leave the job to the blogger at the helm of Roberto's NASDAQ Trader, who writes:

Take a look at the cover of Barron's this weekend here. Apparently it's time to buy stocks according to Barrons. Spare me Barrons you are the same people who graced us with the Dow 12,000 cover in April here. You have no credibility and some of us know exactly what you are up too. In this pathetic piece by Barrons titled "10 cheap stocks" they give us the earth shattering picks of stocks like General Electric, Home Depot, Cisco, and Lehman Brothers to name a few. Let me get this straight you have supposedly the smartest minds writing for one of the most well known rags and you come up with those dogs. How do they keep subscribers? Maybe the cover should read "Time to Cancel My Subscription" it's fitting isn't it. Barrons is a compromised rag and they continue to demonstrate that with there ill timed advice. To the bloggers who like to promote them I wonder how you sleep at night. Shameful.

The best part is his kicker: "Full Disclosure: I hold zero subscriptions to Barrons."
Propaganda at Barrons [Roberto's NASDAQ Trader]