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Bombing Beirut: But What About the Billionaire Babe?

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As bad as it might be to find yourself in Houston today (92 degrees, 62% humidity and 40% chance of spending the weekend behind bars), it would be far worse to find yourself in Lebanon.
That’s why we find ourselves thinking about Hind Hariri, the 23-year-old daughter of assassinated Lebanese leader Rafik Hariri and the only female billionaire under thirty-five, according to Forbes. We’re told that Hind is pretty easy on the eyes, and speaks with a French-Lebanese accent that makes the knees of men melt.
When last heard from, Hind was campaigning for her brother in Lebanon's elections a few months ago. So is Hind okay? Is she in a bomb shelter in Beirut? Or was she vacationing in St. Tropez? Calls to the Lebanese consulate in New York went unanswered. Apparently they have more important things to do than answer our questions about their richest young woman.

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