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Brits Fight Extradition of Nat West Three

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Prominent businessmen and Conservative Party leaders in Britain are protesting the use of a “War on Terror” treaty to extradite three British bankers to the US, where they face charges related to the collapse of Enron.
A letter signed published in the Daily Telegraph, a right-leaning newspaper in Britain, urged the British government to hold off on extraditing threee former NatWest bankers—David Bermingham, Gary Mulgrew and Giles Darby. They are charged with conspiring with Enron executives to sell a stake in an Enron asset in 2000 for less than it was worth.
The Brits are protesting the use of a treaty aimed at speeding up the prosecution of terrorists to extradite alleged white-collar criminals. Apparently they don’t understand the Law of Prosecutorial Entropy in the US. As a reminder, that law states that all innovative criminal sanctions aimed at violent criminals will eventually be used to prosecute businessmen. See, for instance, the history of racketeering laws. See, also, the career of possible Republican presidential candidate Rudolph Giuliani.

Business chiefs protest at bankers' extradition
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Letter to John Reid, Home Secretary