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Dealbook, The Abridged Version (07.14.06)

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Goldman Sachs tries to axe [legal]
34 states to file suits against chip makers [legal]
Silicon Valley stock options investigations [investigations]
Stock values drop [legal]
Merck wins Vioxx trial [legal]
Class action suit against Analog Devices [legal]
NatWest Three scandal [legal]
Goodrich to possibly pay $50 mm in tax liability [legal]
FTC accuses Austin Board of Realtors of foul play [legal]
Clinton Reilly to file suit against McClatchy [legal]
SEC investigates Anadarko mergers [investigations]
Eurotunnel blames Deutsche Bank [legal]
M&A: [? = not yet closed, problems with the deal, lingering questions, etc.]
GM + Renault and Nissan
Inco and Phelps Dodge + Falconbridge
Manitowoc + Enodis
Regency Energy Partners + TexStar Field Services
Stada Arzneimittel + Hemofarm Koncern ?
Canadian Oil Sands Trust + Canada Southern Petroleum ?
Rabobank Group + Bank Haga and Bank Hagakita
Evraz Group + Highveld Steel & Vanadium
e2v technologies + Amtel
Toshiba + SanDisk = Flash Alliance
Comcast and Time Warner + Adelphia Communications
Candover Investments + Linos
Gazprom swaps stake in Siberian nat'l gas field for E.ON's assets in Hungary
For Sale:
Liqui-Box LINK
Money Raising:
Rosneft raises $10.4 B in IPO LINK
Radianse nabs $6 mm in funding LINK
EMI worried about Warner LINK
Macquarie Infrastructure Group delays spinoff LINK
M. Lynch's Glen Capel feels "isolated" LINK
Investors pick large banks over securities firms LINK
Guy Hands' bond issue is record-setting LINK
Too much $ in private equ.? LINK
Standard Chartered Private Equity invests $47.74 mm in Greentown China Holdings LINK
HBOS to take equity stake in House of Fraser LINK
Petco goes private LINK
Citigroup advised Rent-Way LINK