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Dealbook, The Abridged Version (07.19.06)

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11 charged in online gambling case [legal]
Martin Broughton not questioned in BA case [legal]
Northwest Airlines asks bankruptcy court for $1.125 B [legal]
Gregory Reyes to face criminal charges [legal]
Medtronic settles with $40 mm [legal]
Copyright suit filed against YouTube [legal]
M&A: [? = not yet closed, problems with the deal, lingering questions, etc.]
Archstone-Smith Trust + Westmont
Televisa + Univision
Ashtead Group + NationsRent
PA Real Estate Investment Trust + Strawbridge & Clothier
L Capital + Piazza Sempione
AIG Highstar Capital + Advanced Disposal
Berkshire Hathaway + American All-Risk Insurance Services and American Commercial Claim Administrators
Ochsner Health System + Tenent Healthcare
Amdocs + Cramer Systems Group
Tyco Int'l + Confluent Surgical
Xstrata + Falconbridge (still)
NYSE + MatchPoint Trading
For Sale:
Huaxia (postponed) LINK
Peter Cooper Village and Stuyvesant Town ? LINK
US Bancorp's Jerry Grundhofer to retire LINK
Money Raising:
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China to raise $14 B in IPO LINK
WNS looks to raise $208.6 mm in IPO LINK
Ascent Solar Technologies raises $16.25 mm in IPO LINK
Newnham Technologies raises $13.25 mm LINK
$1 B for MidOcean Partners' new fund LINK
Omeros raises $44 mm LINK
$50 mm for Virgo Capital LINK
$21 mm for SkyPilot Networks LINK
$18 mm for Jobster LINK
2nd quarter profits for JPMorgan = good LINK
Robin Saunders makes first private equity venture LINK
Rosneft shares below offer price LINK
Cheesecake Factory reviews stock options LINK
Rochas to close after fall season LINK
New EADS heads promise repairs LINK
Pending IPO for Shutterfly LINK
Lower premiums at M. Lynch LINK
Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal/shareholders annoyed with Citigroup LINK
New auction date for Viação Aérea Rio-Grandense LINK
HCA buyout deal falls apart LINK