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Dealbook, The Abridged Version (07.20.06)

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Yukos boss steps down; expects company will be liquidated [legal]
Two bidders offer $1M DIP for bankrupt kiddie bookmaker [legal]
Visa and Mastercard face Congressional probe on pricefixing [legal]
Accounting boards rethinking lease accounting [legal]
WTO investigating US rules on online gambling [legal]
Defense attorneys win delay in KPMG tax shelter trial [legal]
Televisa sues Univision over internet broadcasting rights [legal]
M&A: [? = not yet closed, problems with the deal, lingering questions, etc.]
Cramer Systems + Amdocs
Robert De Niro + New York Observer
For Sale:
Bertelsmann narrows bidders for music-publishing arm LINK
GUS to spin off its Experian credit information group LINK
Footlocker LINK
Essent Kabelcom LINK
Longview Fiber assets LINK
Shoney’s LINK
Lyondell’s Houston refineryLINK
Money Raising:
EnteroMedics nabs $45.2 mm LINK
Lux Biosciences pulls in $13 mm more LINK
Daqin Railway raises $1.9b LINK
$21 mm for Summit LINK
Macquarie Bank forecasts record LINK
Wachovia: challenging yield curve enviro LINK
Talk of GM-Renault-Nissan deal ruffles feathers in Motor City LINK
Sumner Redstone says his stock sales do not reflect a lack of confidence in Viacom LINK
Rambus plans to restate financials for past three years to correct options timing LINK
SOX pushing IPO capital into Europe LINK
Private equity: From pillagers to darlings LINK