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Dealbook, The Abridged Version (07.25.06)

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Senate Banking Committee to hold hedge fund regulation hearings [legal]
European Union okays Alcatel-Lucent deal [legal]
US government cracks down on online gambling [legal]
SEC investigating trades before HCA deal [legal]
Are more backdating indictments on the way? legal
Langone vs. Spitzer [legal]
Adelphia and bondholders reach deal; emerging from bankruptcy in Q4 [legal]
E&Y guy appointed chief accountant of SEC [legal]
M&A: [? = not yet closed, problems with the deal, lingering questions, etc.]
Stornoway Diamond + Ashton Mining + Contact Diamond: ?
Mama Group meets with Sanctuary Group: ?
Lots of M&A activity in Texas banks
Nacco Industries + Applica
Barrick Gold + NovaGold Resources: ?? (hostile)
For Sale:
Bank of America’s FIA Card Services division prices offering of $375 million LINK
WNS, Indian offshoring firm, going up on London Stock Exchange LINK
Heritage Underwriting raising 50 18 million in London’s Aim offering LINK
Money Raising:
Prestwick Pharmaceuticals gets $60mm $$
Zillow, online home value estimator, nabs $25mm $$
NextMedium pulls in $6mm from VC’s$
Goldman fund of hedge fund on the London Stock Exchange LINK
Bearish and bullish on giant LBOs: LINK
Merrill pushing ahead with more private equity deals: LINK
Wilbur Ross staying the course after Amvescap deal: LINK
Juicy details from the Univision auction: LINK
Citigroup still hurting in Europe from Dr. Evil trading scheme LINK
Motorola’s $1.2 billion share buy back LINK