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DealBreaker Breaking News: Ken Langone’s Spitzer-Bashing Memo.

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DealBreaker has obtained a copy of Ken Langone’s memorandum supporting his motion to dismiss the case brought against him by New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer. Before we got this, we called Wednesday’s battle between Langone and Spitzer a “smackdown”--and we thought we were kind of joking. We were wrong. It is so on.
“Strongly worded” doesn’t quite cover it. More like biting, even sarcastic. It says that Spitzer “ignored the evidence” and that his memorandum opposing dismissal is “breathtakingly misleading.”
The Langone memo goes on to accuse Spitzer of flooding the court with irrelevant documents in an attempt to cloud the issues. “[I]t is apparent that the plaintiff’s ‘strategy’ to is to submit as many documents as possible, and then mischaracterize them, in an effort to discourage the Court even from attempting to conduct the required search for an issue of material dispute fact,” the complaint says.
“Langone has suffered through [Spitzer’s] meritless public allegations of wrong doing for more than two years. These allegations have now definitively been show to be utterly baseless,” the memo concludes.
But don’t take our word for it. Read the whole thing.
And remember, you read it on DealBreaker first.