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Dick Grasso's Shabby Chic

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You know how it goes. You lose your job. You let your hair go a bit shaggy. You stop shaving. You cultivate a look of weary resignation appropriate to someone whose life has marched off down an unexpected path.
Good news. Former New York Stock Exchange boss Dick Grasso is just like the rest of us, according to the New York magazine profile by Charlie Gasparino.

A few weeks after he was fired, Grasso and I went to lunch. He wasn’t looking quite like himself then. He had grown a beard, and his usually finely polished head showed signs of stubble. He looked like he wanted to give up, and as we discussed the media coverage, he plaintively expressed a desire for it all to end.

Also, now he’s got a private equity job. So it’s not over yet. Get your haircut.
[And, in case you are wondering about the picture, here's the explantion.]
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