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Disney's Pirates Beats Spiderman, Aquaman

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Look folks. Sometimes a joke is just a joke. We take second place to no one in our enjoyment of the foibles of CNBC’s SquawkBox. But we’re pretty sure that Joe Kernen was making a funny when announced on Monday that Disney’s "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" $132 million weekend box office take had beaten the previous record held by “Aquaman”—the non-existent movie starring fictional character on HBO’s “Entourage.” As TVNewser has pointed out, earlier in the program Kernen had said: "These numbers are staggering, reminds me of Entourage, Aquaman, when they finally got the numbers there."
Those CNBC guys know their HBO series. Just because you spend the day talking about business and finance doesn’t mean you can’t crack a joke every now and then.
But go watch the video for yourself.