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Fighting Terror With Egg Yolks

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Our non-stop coverage of the cholesterol conspiracy continues. Today we bring you CPA Karen De Coster’s LewRockwell.Com article arguing that we should strike a blow against what she calls “the “cholesterol scare” by eating tasty things.

In the end, the cholesterol scare has become yet another health hoax foisted upon an unsuspecting public, courtesy of the heavy hands of government and its statist corporate devotees. And what makes it so appalling is that, via pharmaceutical lobbying efforts, the middleman that is used to peddle this rubbish, and the lies that go with it, is that one person whom most of us place very high on our "most trusted" list – the family doctor.
Would you like to help stamp out the establishment’s terror campaign on cholesterol? Next time you eat an egg, don’t throw the damn yolk out – eat it! Most likely, your only risk is being tagged as someone who "is not with them, and therefore against them," consequently making you a part of the seditious, anti-cholesterol insurgency. Nothing wrong with that. In my mind, the real "war on terror" is the battle that needs to be waged against the State and its terror campaign on the people, which comes to us disguised as a pretty nursemaid.

Cholesterol, Lipitor, and Big Government: The Terror Campaign Against Us All