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Former Time Inc. Boss Joins Carlyle

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In our experience the only reason someone moves from any other field in the world—government service, media, law, college teaching—into private equity is a drive to dramatically improve the world by making lots of money for themselves.
So what did Norman Pearlstine, the former editor in chief of Time Inc., say about why he is joining the Carlyle Group as an adviser of media acquisitions?
The New York Times quotes him as saying he was making the move “because there didn’t seem to be a logical next print job.”
Translation: Sixty-three year old Pearlstine wants to make a lot more money.
Alternate translation: Those media people were mean to me after I made Matt Cooper turn over his notes on the Valeria Plame case. So now I’m going to help a private equity group buy their companies.

Ex-Editor in Chief of Time Inc. Joining Carlyle Equity Group
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