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Hedge Fund Hearings: Better Than Judiciary Committee

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We’re not sure exactly how he survived the boredom (we did with the help of Adderall), but Gary Weiss, author of Wall Street Versus America, also watched the banking committee hearings. He thinks these were less stupid than the judiciary committee hearings. And he too found it surprising that not one word was voiced about Gary Aguirre.

The elephant on the panel was the whistleblower Gary Aguirre, who was fired after trying to question Morgan Stanely's John Mack in a trading probe. Unless I missed it, as I may have dozed during the fascinating repartee, not one question about Aguirre emanated from the lips of the senators.
It's important, by the way, to distinguish between Aguirre's allegations and the effort to suppress him. As veteran financial journalist Don Bauder noted in a good wrapup on the subject, Aguirre's widely publicized allegations have been attacked as "flimsy."
Whether Aguirre is credible or not, this whole Mack business is troubling and should be investigated -- by actual investigators, not the U.S. Senate.

Elephant on the Panel