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How Screwed Is 2006?

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Not all of us can escape the consequences of our financial misdeeds the Ken Lay way. Well, technically, that’s not true. Shuffling off our mortal coils is one of those grand financial planning schemes available to the rich and poor alike. But it does seem a bit drastic. Might consider other options first.
Business Week has published its economic forecast for the second half of the year. The report breaks the forecast down into various segments, and gives recommendations of where the strengths might be. Here’s the shorter version.
Housing: Prisons and other places poor people to live might be a good bet.
Finance: Still raking in the dough. Maybe with a slightly shorter rake.
Retail: Rich people sometimes buy stuff just so they can throw it away.
Autos: If you have to ask you obviously haven’t been to a gas station lately.
Energy: See entry for “Autos.”
Tech: You should check out this cool thing called the internet.
Shedding Light on the Second Half [Business Week]