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Investment Bankers in Matching Shoes

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There's this act certain New York ladies have where they pretend to be as hard and as cruel as characters in their favorite television shows. At least the young men who encountered Cruella from the WhyHeDidnt blog on Friday night will have the satisfaction that she'll probably grow old and live in a Chinatown walk-up alone, of course, except for all her cats and sickly plants.

Investment Bankers with Matching Shoes: Three of the four I-Bankers we met had matching brown shoes from Holt Renfrew (except that one of them admitted he got a copycat pair at Wal-Mart). The fourth was clearly not an I-Banker, as he was wearing ratty jeans and black running shoes. Unfortunately, he was originally the most attractive of the four, until we found out that he was mute (by choice). Overall, I love I-Bankers, but they’re only good for their wallets. When asked whether he loved his job, one said, “Hell no!” and claimed he didn’t even get to sleep, much less go out. Lesson: I-Bankers are perfect target markets for the Cruella “Date ‘n Ditch” strategy - they won’t even have TIME to take you out again, much less fall victim to Saran Wrap Syndrome.

A Potpourri of Men [WhyHeDidnt.Com]