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Jedi Knight Patrick Byrne Has A Way to Beat the Sith Lords

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Gary Weiss, author of Wall Street Versus America, listened to the Overstock.Com conference call so you wouldn’t have to. Not surprisingly, CEO Patrick Byrne found time to talk about things other than his company’s $0.78 per share net loss in the second quarter. Things like dastardly short-sellers and how shareholders might prevent them from pushing the value of their stock down even further.
We’ll leave the details for you to read by clicking through to Gary’s blog on the link below. But if you're as lazy as we are on Fridays, you might appreciate skipping right to the conclusion.

Byrne's gambit won't work, by the way. History has proven that the only proven method of pushing up the share prices of bad companies is that they stop being bad. And Byrne just hasn't figured out a way to do that.

Burn! (As DealBreaker cub reporter Bess Levin likes to say.)

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