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Ken Langone vs. Spitzer Smackdown Coming Wednesday

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We've said it before but we'll say it again. Somewhere--and these days that usually means a courthouse--it is always 2003, the year the NYSE compensation scandal went public. Wednesday 2003 will be brought to you by Ken Langone, who will get his day in court when his lawyers argue his motion to dismiss a civil case against him. Attorney general Eliot Spitzer has sued Langone, charging that he misled the New York Stock Exchange’s board of directors in connection with the controversial compensation package of then CEO Dick Grasso, according to an item filed by Charlie Gasparino on SquawkBlog today.
Langone’s lawyers will apparently argue that Spitzer’s case against him is very weak and that the AG hasn’t found any NYSE board members to support it.

Langone to attack Spitzer in court