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Ken Lay Lives!

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That's the title of a new blog launched earlier today by, uhm, Ken Lay. Or, we should say, "Ken Lay." KenLayLives claims Ken has fled to an undisclosed location where he is gathering evidence to prove his innocence. Also, he reminds us that "Texas Rules!" DealBreaker cannot vouch for the factuality of any of these claims.
Well let's hear from the not-dead-yet "Ken" himself:

As the reports circulate about my death today, I am already at an undisclosed location on another part of our planet (some of my powerful friends are good at securing such locations). I have already taken out hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Swiss bank accounts made up of my fortune that cannot be touched by pesky litigation.
So, rest assured: Kenny Boy lives! And I promise you that I am and will continue to live well. In my free time, I will continue to post on here to tell you about my mission to prove my innocence. When I finally secure the evidence to do so, I will (much like Jesus) return.
Lastly, a quick shout-out to my friends who helped me out of that minor jam I was in (I am using affectionate nicknames to protect their identity for now): 41, 43, and Chainy. You're the best buddies this cowboy could ever ask for!

Remember. It's still not too late to print up a Ken Lay trading card.

I faked my death!