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Ken Lay’s Minister of Inappropriate Analogies

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We were a little put off when we first heard that Rev. William A. Lawson, the pastor emeritus of Houston's Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church who officiated at yesterday’s memorial service for Ken Lay, had said that the service was being held in Aspen rather than Houston, where Lay had lived for years and made his fortune building up Enron, because Houston “broke his heart.”
The man died of a massive heart attack. Saying Houston "broke his heart" comes kind of close to saying Houston killed Lay. But that cannot be what he meant, right? He’s not really saying Houston should feel guilty for what it did to Lay rather than the other way around.
Oh yes he is.

“I plan to tell them this is not the first time somebody good has been falsely accused and even crucified,'' Lawson said today in an interview before leaving for Aspen.
“Just like Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy, my hope is that people will view Ken Lay in a much more positive light after his death. Even though people say he's a robber and a crook and that it's a good thing he's dead, we have the right to tell his family we've seen this (vilification) before, and history can be kind.''

That’s right. Lay is Jesus, Martin Luther King and JFK all wrapped up into one. And we’re all Roman executioners, racist assassins and stooges-of-a-CIA-Cuban-Mafia conspiracy. That sound you hear is the sudden evacuation from our hearts of whatever contrarian sympathy we had for Lay.

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