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Live Blogging the Hank Paulson Swearing In Thingy

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Hank Paulson is getting sworn in as Treasury Secretary today. We'll be liveblogging the event.
11:10. Late already. Hank is already operating on Washington, DC time.
11:15. President takes the podium. He’s looking a bit shaggy. Solid red-tie. What does that symbolize?
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11:16. I think President G-Dub just got the name of the Chief Justice wrong! Did he just say Rehnquist? It’s Roberts, George! You appointed him! (Note. Not certain about this. Got distracted when someone emailed this to us. Monkey hands! Need to check transcripts later. Considering deleting this item altogether. Nah.)
11:17. Dubya thanking everyone for showing up. “Thanks for joining us,” he says. It's like he doesn't know these people work for him. They just dropped by.
11:18. Dubya announces that he knows the first Treasury Secretary was Alexander Hamilton—as if he’s proud he knows it. Gold star for you, George!
11:19. “He has the ability to explain complex economic issues in clear terms. People understand him when he talks.” Clearly a unique attribute in the Bush White House. Value added!
11:20. George keeps leaving chopping off his words. He looks forward to workin’ with Hank. Together they’ll keep the economy growin’ and one of their jobs will be cuttin’ spending. He doesn’t always sound this way. Maybe someone told him it would help to sound like a populist while swearing in the CEO of Goldman Sachs.
11:25. John Roberts is administering the oath office. Can't remember if we've figured out if Roberts is a good guy or a bad guy. Or is he still the mysterious guy?
11:29. Hank is wearing a pale blue shirt with a royal blue tie. White dots and a full Windsor knot. He’s a much better dresser than his boss. Also, now we know why George had the red tie--Hank called "Blue tie" first.
11:34. Hank keeps his talk brief again. Message: American economy is strong. His voice is so authoritative that you almost believe it. No wonder he’s so famous for spending so much time on the phone. The man certainly has “the voice.”