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Long Time Shelby Aide Sworn In As SEC Commish

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SEC Chairman Chris Cox took Senator Richard Shelby’s baby away, swearing in longtime aide Kathleen Casey as an SEC commissioner. Casey has served Shelby in one capacity or another since graduating from George Mason’s law school. In May she was nominated by President Bush to the SEC.
The recent resignation of Casey’s predecessor has left many SEC watchers unsure of where the commission will come out on some high-profile issues, such as backdating and hedge fund regulation. On backdating, however, Senator Shelby’s harsh criticisms—he recently referred to the practice as “fraud”—may reflect the views of his staffer, to whom the senator reportedly often deferred on complex financial matters.
[Note: The woman pictured above is Kathy Casey, a model with the Nevada casting group. As far as we know, she is a different person from the new SEC commissioner entirely. We couldn't find a picture of the other Casey and thought the item looked prettier dolled up with this one.]

Casey Sworn in as SEC Commissioner