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Morgan Stanley Nabs Goldman Sachs Vet

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Paul Schapira, a long time Goldman Sachs veteran who took over the firm’s natural resources group in 2002, is going to Morgan Stanley where his responsibilities will include relations with Italian clients and the European energy sector.
Schapira gained a good bit of notoriety when he worked on the initial public offering of PetroChina, the oil-and-gas behemoth spun off of China National Petroleum Corp. The deal became controversial when a coalition of pro-tibet tree-hugging hippies, Lutherans concerned over the company’s investments in Sudan, and unions seeking to keep China out of the World Trade Organization, sought to scuttle the deal. Several U.S. institutional investors declined to participate in the IPO, although Goldman succeeded in selling the shares to overseas investors.
We’re trying to find out how recently Schapira left Goldman. The newswire stories are a bit ambiguous about this, and we neither Goldman nor Morgan Stanley have gotten back to us. The reason it matters is that we’re trying to determine if this can reasonably be called a defection and whether it is fair to infer that Schapira’s move may be related to the “fighting like ferrets” that allegedly went on among the Goldman bigs following the decision of Hank Paulson to take the position of Treasury Secretary. If you know anything send it to Tips(at)DealBreaker(dot)com or drop them below in the comments.
Morgan Stanley hires energy banker from Goldman [Reuters]