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NatWest 3 Feel Abandoned by British Government

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When we speak to our Brit friends, we get the impression that the extradition of the NatWest 3 is somehow mixed up in their minds with British cooperation in the Iraq War and the general chumminess between Tony Blair and George Bush. There’s the feeling that somehow their Mud Island has become subservient to US interests.
Anyway, the NatWest 3 are sad that their government shipped them back here for trial. And, not surprisingly, so are their children.

One of the so-called NatWest Three says he feels betrayed by the British government.
Gary Mulgrew told Scotland Today yesterday: "You get very jaded when you look at the politics behind this. That is incredibly disappointing.
"My disappointment is principally aimed at the British government, who we feel have abandoned us."
He added the legal proceedings had caused much stress for his ten-year-old son.
"It's tough on all the people around me. I don't think you can explain it to a ten-year-old. I've had a couple of difficult conversations with him when he's been trying to figure out when I'm coming home."

NatWest Three: Government has abandoned us
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