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On further reflection, maybe giving money back to Jeffrey Epstein isn't such a good plan

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Why are Mark Green and Eliot Spitzer handing $60,000.00 over to alleged money manager cum massage masturbator Jeffrey Epstein? It’s pretty standard procedure these days for politicians to send back contributions from donors accused of crime or mired in scandal, and we guess allegations of soliciting prostitution, paying for naked massages from teenagers, human trafficking and all around pervy weirdness qualify. But is sending the check back really the right move here? Wouldn’t it be better to donate the money to a worthy cause, such a home for sexually abused children? Why should Epstein be enriched by these allegations?
Let's put it this way. By sending back Epstein's $10,000 donation, Attorney General candidate Green just bought Epstein 50 sessions with local highshool girls at $200 a pop.

Dirty donor to get 10G back: Green
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