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Ron Perelman Unhurt In Upper East Side Blast, Alleged Bomber and One Other Not So Lucky

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The alleged suicide-divorce revenge-crypto-nazi-vampire bombing that flattened a midtown building yesterday resulted in the offices of Revlon being shut down. The front windows were blown out, including those looking out from Ron Perelman’s offices. Perelman was uninjured, however, and a scheduled earnings conference call proceeded as planned.

Revlon Ron Rocked Twice
[New York Post]


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Besides double-teaming customers. The men weren’t promised “whatever they wanted” for $1,000. That implies that you’re giving up control. There’s an understanding that we’d do basic, normal things. Sometimes the clients wanted a threesome. That’s part of the job. Plus, that would cost them $2,000. I know threesomes make some women blush, but a lot of men want them. I’d talk to the other girl after, but it’s not like we’d talk about our feelings about being hookers. We didn’t grab a coffee together. [NYDN]